The Team

Our expedition to the Caribbean is a collaborative effort between the Cohen Lab at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and Pangaea Exploration.

team from Pangaea will be joined by four members of the Cohen Lab:

MIT/WHOI Joint Program Students

Alice Alpert
Alice loves the adventure of fieldwork. From Antarctica to the equatorial Pacific, she has investigated how marine ecosystems are responding to climate change. As a PhD candidate in the MIT-Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Joint Program in Oceanography, Alice’s primary research areas are coral reefs and climate change. She uses chemical traces in coral skeletons to learn about how the ocean is responding to a changing world. Alice is also passionate about communicating science and scientific discoveries beyond the academic community.

Tom DeCarlo
is interested in how coral growth and bioerosion are affected by different seawater properties like temperature, nutrients, and pH. In addition, Tom develops geochemical tools that allow us to use the chemistry preserved in coral skeletons to learn about past ocean temperature.

Hanny Rivera
Hanny spent her childhood snorkeling and SCUBA diving off the coast of Miami and has retained her passion and enthusiasm for the sea. She is interested in investigating coral adaption to climate stressors such as ocean acidification and warming using genetic techniques. She is also interested in the application of science to management practices and the design of Marine Protected Areas.

Scientist Emeritus
Pat Lohmann

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